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National Research Camp

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National Research Camp

Modern medical advances have helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives because of decades of investment in medical research. And in the era of evidence-based medicine, research is becoming a more present and indisputable element in the medical curriculum. Acknowledging the value of research, one must be armed with adequate skills to enter the scientific world. This is why SCORE offered the first online edition of the National Research Camp as a capacity-building opportunity to equip medical students with the necessary tools to dive into the research world and become young researchers themselves.

The NRC is a five-day online camp. This workshop included 20 training sessions that tacked research topics such as, but not limited to, learning about the formulation of a research question, research method, critical appraisal, proper use of research engines and reference managers, writing a scientific article, as well as focusing on research ethics. Briefly, it is an initiative that provides a platform that connects professionals in the world of research (13 Drs and 4 certified IFMSA trainers) with medical students aspiring to contribute to this field in the future. We had around 500 applicants from which we only selected 200 participants from 10+ countries representing all regions.

To conclude, I would love to thank the Executive board of LeMSIC for believing in this project and supporting it, and the organizing committee of 31 aspiring LeMSIC members for being active and committed to make this camp a wonderful and smooth experience. For more information please find the link for the Survival Kit and the Follow-Up Kit.

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