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I Need a Hero

I Need a Hero

CPR and First Aid course is one of the important things a medical student should learn. Students  learned  how to deal with an emergency case and provide students with the clinical skills that should be done. Students practiced the techniques on plastic models.

The workshop was composed of 4  sessions and an assessment day. It was divided as follows: intro to cpr (adults-children-pediatrics),Practice,Environmental injuries Fractures and bleeding. Each course consisted of 2:30 hours and the training was given by the Lebanese civil defence trainers at Beirut Arab University.The workshop successfully trained 45 participants and a quiz assessment was done at the end of the workshop. The participants were able to practice all the techniques given on specific models.

Certificates were given for Participants and an outcome based instagram post will be posted highlighting the workshop. This workshop showed increased interest of LeMSIC members in the teaching medical skills IFMSA program.

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National Officer on Medical Education