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Let It Brain

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“Let It Brain” is a term-long project that has been launched in the aim of qualifying members with the awareness and knowledge that mental health is in fact brain health and that we, as medical students, have a responsibility to spread that knowledge as to conquer society’s misconceptions and fallacies. It focuses on countless different mental health disorders through various events devised within this term:

  1. Mental Health Weekly: Weekly interactive stories are being posted on LeMSIC’s social media page generally including various case studies related to mental health topics (@lemsic.lebanon)
  2. Brain HIVE: mental health platform that is continuously updated including a variety of mental health disorders and all the resources and knowledge from our many events throughout the term
  3. Brain Camp: Brain Camp is a training camp composed of six training sessions, one session per day. It will focus on how mental health should be perceived from a healthcare point of view and will go into details about certain commonly stigmatized topics in mental health. The sessions aim to be interactive, equipping LeMSIC members with knowledge to become ambassadors for mental health in the healthcare field and society later on.

    Click here to access Brain Camp Survival Kit.
  4. Brain Champ: Brain Champ is an online Jeopardy trivia night aimed to increase mental health awareness through a fun, interactive and informative trivia night where members will be motivated to engage in learning more about mental health.
  5. Brain HEAT: Advocating for mental health is a vital aspect to shed light on, especially in societies that keep on stigmatizing mental health. The aim of this workshop is to graduate advocates knowledgeable enough on mental health disorders that will serve as ambassadors for mental health in their respective communities. This Workshop includes a holistic biopsychosocial approach via 3 modules: the “neuro” module, the “psych” module, and the “social” module, tackling advanced topics on some of the mental health disorders that are less discussed.

    Click here to access Brain HEAT Survival Kit.
  6. Brain Storm: outreach sessions and resources for other organizations (scouts, psychology club, WHO session, resource sheet)
  7. Know Your Brain: psychoeducational booklets for the general population in collaboration with Embrace (National hotline for suicide and emotional support)
  1. Psychiatric toolkit: a toolkit for healthcare professionals is still underproduction
  2. Much more coming soon (at least 1 event per month)!

Coordinators for all projects: Alfred Chabbouh, Karolina Jaalouk, & Chelsy Eid

Special thanks to Dima El Saddik, Ghina Fahd, Bahaa El Deen Wehbeh, and everyone who helped us and still is along the way.