My Pledge – United Against AMR

My Pledge

United Against AMR
Anti Microbial Resistance WAAW 2020

As a student pursuing my studies in the domain of health, I pledge that I will fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) through, safe, health-promoting, responsible, and ethical practices during my studies and in my career.

I thus commit to the responsibility I am given today to lead promotional activities for AMR in my university and community and to encourage people to take the pledge to fight AMR with me. I will also encourage my fellow peers caring for persons or animals, to advocate for the safe usage of antimicrobials.

As I grow to become a healthcare provider and/or promoter of good health practices, I promise to not use, prescribe or recommend antimicrobials for humans and animals unless necessary. I will strive to always be informed about new practices for AMR prevention and actively participate in this fight while advocating for policies that aim to reduce the AMR.

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