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Physician Volunteers

Through our work in our Free Medical Day (FMD) and Free Medical Campaign (FMC) initiatives, we’ve collaborated with many doctors to provide free and high quality healthcare. We would like to thank the following amazing humanitarian doctors:

FMC - Dinnieh (June 2022)

Physician NameSpecialty
Dr. Sarab El SamadOBGYN
Dr. Mansour ObeidUrology
Dr. Samah TradPediatrics
Dr. Zaher RadwanGeneral Surgery
Dr. Mounzer JamalUrology
Dr. Ghassan Al AwarInfectious Diseases
Dr. Ghina ChakikOphthalmology
Dr. Robin RizkOrthopedics
Dr. Wael YounesGeneral Medicine
Dr. Rim El BasstGeneral Medicine
Dr. Salwa KashaPediatrics
Dr. Hisham Al GhoulGastroenterology
Dr. Farah MajzoubGastroenterology
Dr. Chadi FakihOBGYN Infertility Specialist
Dr. Hanadi KhodoOBGYN
Dr. Adlette InatiPediatrics Hematologist Oncologist
Dr. Reem MansourInternal Medicine
Dr. Abdel Samad El SamadOpthalmology
Dr. Ayman chakikENT
Dr. Bashar JamalENT
Dr. Omar Al AwaNeurosurgery
Dr. Nassim Abi ChahineNeurosurgery
Dr. Lea KallassiFamily Medicine
Dr. Helena FahmiInternal Medicine
Dr. Ezzat MoukademGeneral Physician
Dr. Khalil ArmacheUrology
Dr. Jacqueline SaadOBGYN
Dr. Mohammad GhazalInternal Medicine
Dr. Bassem KaraaliCardiology
Dr. Sarah TradInternal Medicine

FMC - Sin El Fil (March 2022)

Physician NameSpecialty
Dr. Walid SerhanCardiology
Dr. Soulaima FataPediatrics
Dr. Marie Therez EidPediatrics
Dr. Faten KhouryPediatrics
Dr. Wendy GhanemOrthopedics
Dr. Kevin SayeghOphthalmology
Dr. Majed IsmailUrology
Dr. Michel HojabenGeneral Medicine
Dr. Christelle DagherOBGYN
Dr. Geovanni Joseph El FadelUrology
Dr. Denise MouradPGY1 Internal Medicine
Dr. YaraPGY1 Internal Medicine
Dr. Elias FianiGastroenterologist
Dr. Hussein WehbehOrthopedics
Dr. Carla HannaR1 Internal Medicine
Dr. Rita Abou ZeidPGY1 Internal Medicine
Dr. Antoine KhouryCardiology
Dr. Taghreed DiabOBGYN
Dr. Luciana HabrDermatology
Dr. Ralph KaramUrology
Dr. Noha ShatilaPGY1 General Surgery
Dr. Cassandra KhouryGeneral Medicine
Dr. Oussama NasrallahUrology
Dr. Mohamad hammoudPediatrics
Dr. Mohamad FarhatPediatrics
Dr. Reine Marie KahwajiNephrology
Dr. Asad HaydarPGY2 Neurology