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Stitch From Scratch

LeMSIC aims to engage its members in projects that tackle public health, humanitarian, and medical issues to create a healthier world lead by well-rounded future physicians. On 7/4/2020 LeMSIC has launched the “COVID-19 Human Rights Campaign”. The Coronavirus pandemic is compounded with a severe economic crisis. A big part of the Lebanese population is finding it difficult to meet their families’ basic nutritional needs. As part of our campaign, and with your generous contributions, we hope to help the most vulnerable in our communities. By that, LeMSIC released a project called :” من خيركن ساعدوا” that focuses on supplying families across Lebanon with a monthly food box. Since June 2020, we have distributed 94 food parcels to families across Lebanon (Tripoli, Koura, Mount Lebanon, Sidon…).

In hopes of bringing more attention to the project and gathering more resources, we would like to share with you our new campaign: “Stitch from Scratch“.
Stitch from Scratch” is jumping in on the trend of selling chic socks.
We are very proud to say that our members came up with the designs for the socks from scratch. You won’t find them anywhere else.
The inspiration behind the designs are from our local environment. We hope you can relate to one of the designs and support our project.

About the product:
Packaging: our mascot Farid, designed by Elio S.
Quality: designed, prepared and delivered by medical students.

The more pairs we sell, the more families we can help.

For inquiries contact Nour El Samad at