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World AIDS Day Walk

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WAD walk poster

Today, around 2500 Lebanese citizens are living with HIV. However, this number is a gross underestimate. While treatment is provided free of charge by the MoPH, a lot of stigma and discrimination still hover around the topic. This is mainly due to the many myths and false information that circulate around HIV and AIDS.Therefore, it is our mission as future healthcare providers to learn more about the topic and share that knowledge among the Lebanse community.The “WAD Walk” project focuses on spreading knowledge and decreasing stigma and discrimination around the topic of HIV and AIDS. Training was held to increase the knowledge of medical students regarding HIV and AIDS, as well as develop their communication skills. Booths will also be placed in different cities in Lebanon (such as Byblos, Mar Mkhayel and Hamra) to raise funds to cover the cost of HIV viral load for people who can’t afford it. For more information, please refer to our NORA at