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SCOME: Standing Committee on Medical Education.

SCOME constitutes a forum for medical students to discuss all aspects related to medical education, with the aim of improving our medical curriculum, the educational environment, and implementing an optimal learning environment for medical students. SCOME believes that medical students play an integral role in reshaping the medical curriculum, especially that they are the first to experience the impact of such changes.

In addition, SCOME has the role of supporting and orienting medical students, mainly new recruits, by means of publications, direct interactions, debates, lectures, and workshops on aspects of medical training which are not sufficiently covered by the medical curriculum. SCOME's mission is to "try to promote modern medical education. Convinced by many positive examples we go on that mission by teaching and training students and professors, exchanging experiences and spreading information."

SCOME works in collaboration with organizations such as the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Such contacts enable SCOME to display local achievements in reforming and improving medical education on the international scene for the benefit of other SCOME networks worldwide, as well as to receive information on the progress of other committees sharing our aims.

SCOME activities include a first aid course given in collaboration with the Red Cross, a fundraising Christmas dinner to a different NGO each year, SCOME in schools to tell future generations about what to expect when choosing Medicine as a career, and Orientation lectures (Medical School Interview, What to expect as a Med I, Electives in Europe and the USA, USMLE, and Residency in Europe and USA).