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SCORA: Standing Committee On sexual and Reproductive health including HIV/AIDS.

SCORA aims at increasing the knowledge and awareness of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS among medical students, other young people, and the general population. SCORA also tries to provide its members with knowledge, skills, and motivation to educate their peers on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Along with that, SCORA fundraises for its “CD4 count initiative” that covers for the CD4 count tests needed by PLWHA. We do this through:

1- Peer Education: We work on sexual education programs that make use of trainers and educators who share similar background characteristics with those being taught, producing a comfortable and non-judgmental environment to discuss sensitive topics, such as sexual rights and health. Furthermore, annual workshops on peer-education take place to recruit and train old and new peer educators necessary to perform this activity on a regular basis throughout the year.

2- World’s AIDS Day (December 1st): We celebrate the progress made in the battle against HIV/AIDS, and bring into focus the remaining challenges; it attracts people’s attention and reminds them that HIV/AIDS is not to be forgotten, it has not gone away, and there are many things still to be done. A yearly campaign takes place amongst all local committees, it includes: awareness lectures/movie screening/plays/discussions by HIV specialists, awareness and fundraising stands, condom distribution, fundraising concert, media interviews…

3- Women’s Day Events (March 8th): It aims at raising awareness about problems related to girls and women all across the globe, honoring the achievements of women and promoting women’s rights, raising women’s awareness on reproductive health and other issues… The campaign adopts a different relevant theme each year.

4- Anti-discrimination campaign: This campaign also covers a different theme every year, fighting against prejudice and judgement, fighting for liberty of one’s choices and the privacy of one’s interests and sexual orientations.

5- Gynecological cancers awareness campaign (joint with SCOPH): This event spreads awareness about ovarian, cervical, endometrial, and breast cancers in an interactive way, accessible to the whole population.

6- Workshop (in collaboration with LebMASH, joint with SCOPH and SCORP): “Providing Healthcare for Special Population”, includes sessions on how to ensure equal and discrimination-free access to healthcare services to LGBT community, people with special needs, and refugees.

SCORA is in constant growth and progress, ready to launch any new events and activities that serve its purpose and supports its cause.