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SCORE: Standing Committee on Research Exchange.

SCORE is one of several committees within LeMSIC, the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee. SCORE within LeMSIC is based in Lebanon but is also affiliated with and part of a larger SCORE set within IFMSA, the International Federation of Medical Students' Association. SCORE’s mission revolves around the promotion of medical research among students both nationally and internationally.

Many medical students show interest yet don’t know how to get involved. As a result, SCORE arranges, throughout the academic year, several activities not only to increase student participation in research but also to promote camaraderie among medical students all around the world. Some of our activities include: an international research-based exchange program, research workshops, Research Day and the research database.

In brief, we offer a chance for students coming from the major medical universities across Lebanon to travel abroad and experience clinical and basic medical research done at reputable medical universities and hospitals all around the world. For every student who travels with SCORE, we host a student from a university outside of Lebanon to participate in the ongoing research within some of the best medical universities in the Middle East. In addition, SCORE collaborated with our sister committee SCOPE, the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange, to ensure that visiting students experience the best our country has to offer during our world renowned social program.

We also compliment curricula at medical universities in Lebanon by offering research-oriented workshops to interested students. Additionally, SCORE offers a chance for students to present their work at our yearly daylong research exposition, Research Day. Research Day is normally held at AUB, The American University of Beirut, every April where multiple awards are presented to students who have shown initiative and dedication in line with SCORE’s mission. Research Day also aims at providing key note speeches from some of the most influential Doctors and Researchers in the region. Lastly, we compile a yearly database of investigators at different universities who are actively undergoing research and who would consider including students as part of their research team.

We hope to meet with you soon. We look forward to future collaboration for mutual benefit and for fostering research through medical education.