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SCORP: Standing Committee on human Rights and Peace.

SCORP works within the organization of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association and was founded in 1983 as the global plight of refugees came into the limelight. Its mission was to call attention to the problems displaced people faced as well as participate in relief efforts. The committee members soon realized that these efforts were short-term and palliative. Sustainable solutions would have to rest on the prevention of conflicts. Refugees, internally displaced people, and other vulnerable populations are at an extreme risk of losing health and of having their human rights stripped of them. SCORP is concerned with the problems and needs of refugees and internally displaced people, and works for the prevention of conflicts, the main reason why people are forced to become refugees. SCORP condemns any use of violence as a conflict solution, and members aim for a peaceful world. SCORP understands peace as a multidisciplinary theme of person to person, group to group, state to state, and international solidarity, tolerance, and respect for human rights.

SCORP Aims and Objectives:
• To learn and educate students and professionals in the health care system about the problems that refugees, internally displaced people, and other vulnerable populations face.
• To collaborate with NGOs in establishing projects for medical students to work in international refugee camps.
• To spread awareness and educate health care professionals in human rights and violations.
• To establish and develop multidisciplinary cooperation in matters of refugees, peace-culture building, conflict prevention, and human rights.

SCORP Past & Ongoing Activities:

– Trivia “Speed Night”, a fundraiser for the victims of the October 2012 Achrafieh Bombing
– The annual “Blind Date” dinner event, a fundraiser for the Youth Association for the Blind (YAB)
– The student-written, student-directed play “Alwan El Abiad”, also a fundraiser for YAB
– A previous play “Beit Byoot”, a fundraiser for the juvenile ward at Roumieh Prison
– World Human Right's Day, spreading awareness on major UN declarations on Human Rights.
– Children’s Psychological Abuse Awareness Campaign (CPAAC)..