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SCOPE: Standing Committee on Professional Exchange.

LeMSIC aims through its different events and activities to introduce medical students to global health, humanitarian ideals, and medical ethics. Furthermore, LeMSIC aims to empower medical students and enable them to use their knowledge & capacities for the benefit of society and provide them with opportunities to broaden their social and cultural perspectives. In an attempt to fulfill its goals, LeMSIC provides an exchange program to its members. The exchange program is arranged on a bilateral basis among IFMSA’s member countries whereby a foreign student is hosted for every Lebanese student sent to another country, providing him/her with boarding, lodging, and social program for a period of one month. During the exchange period, the students benefit from engaging in various observership opportunities at several medical centers worldwide, and learn from physicians as well as other students at these centers to add to their clinical knowledge. The social program is an important part of the exchange experience during which students are introduced to the cultural elements of the country. We at LeMSIC SCOPE provide an extensive social program covering all major touristic sites and areas over 4 weekends a month. The social program in Lebanon is one of the unique IFMSA programs since it is free to the incoming students. The cost of this program is covered by fundraising events organized throughout the year by SCOPE. Over 100 students from different countries are expected to come to Lebanon during the year 2015-2016. Within LeMSIC, SCOPE is also famous for organizing the annual gala in spring. The gala brings about the opportunity to fundraise for the exchange program, and gives students the chance to dance the night away in a 5-star venue which is decorated according to a different theme each year.